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Bangs And Fringes are back as the mane event in hair styles, and in many cases they are the mane attraction. We love bangs And Fringes again and this time around we know how to use choose and style them.

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You would have to return to the 1980's to see the last time that bangs and fringes played such an important role in hair style trends. At that time the style to wear was the mall bang. If our ozone layer is in trouble today, it may be due to the volumes of hair spray used that year to create the mall bang and keep it all day.

This style was big and it was high, none gave a thought if it was right for their face shape or hair texture. In 1980 we were influenced by Princess Diana, Madonna,and Dallas on our TV. What could have possibly come out of that melting pot but the mall bang? The new bang or fringe is now personal and delivers all the options we need. This time you choose your style of bang or fringe by face shape, mood, and lifestyle.

Who Is Wearing Bangs And Fringes?

Everybody, bangs and fringes have been picked up by the pop stars, film stars, runway models, celebrities, and the girl next door. Adding bangs to your style is the fastest way to update your style and to add some sexy to your tresses. The true beauty of our new trend is that overall major and dramatic changes do not need to take place.

If you have medium length hair, long hair, or long long hair, simply restyling the bang area with long piecy layers sliced in or with the blunt style that just skims the eyes that the trend setters are wearing is enough.

You keep all of your length but add a fresh new look to your style, this year a style that is all one length looks a little dated and in need of a pick me up. Face shape and facial features are flattered by a soft framing of hair, and there is a bang or fringe style for every face type, hair texture, and condition.

Selecting Your Proper Bang Or Fringe Style

Using bangs and fringes gives you the opportunity to camouflage or enhance your facial features. You can add definition to your face shape in much the same way you can apply blush to either accentuate or play down facial features. These are basic suggestions and your stylist can modify any of the styles to suit your unique needs. Work with your stylist to create the best bang for your new look.

Selecting your bang or fringe style is as easy as knowing your face shape, this is stressed on all of the related hair styling pages at Beauty And The Bath. It truly is your key element in choosing styles that will look great on you and that you will be happy with. If you do not know your face shape, we can help you with that here. 

Your secondary factors for choosing will be your hair texture and condition, the amount of time and skill you have for styling, and finally the mood you want to create. Variations of chopped layers and pieces, shattered lengths, shagged pieces, panel strands, asymmetrical angles, blunt cuts, and wisps can be skillfully cut by a stylist to create a new person for your style.

Choose your mood, soft and romantic, trendy and fast, funky and out there, or sexy and sexier. You can also just add enough bang on a more conservative side and still have a up to the minute hot look.

This new bang and fringe is so much about customizing, choose your elements, adding color in the form of colored tips, partial color panels, soft lowlight effects or stronger high lights, streaks or the new Mocha Latte effects.

Adding color to your bangs can be a great preliminary step for you if you have never had any form of color added to your hair. You are treating a relatively small area that will grow out fast if you are not happy with it.

You can now easily add any texture you want to only your bangs or fringe and you do not have to do the rest of your hair. Take advantage of the new perm technology or the new Japanese straightening treatment.

For fine hair a soft body wave perm can be added to only the bangs area to create volume and height. For curly hair Thermal hair relaxing {Japanese Hair Straightening} is the only way to go if you want permanent results and low maintenance. It is so much more gentle on your hair than the reverse perms or or the other chemical relaxers of the past.

View the variations of bangs and fringes in this gallery for inspiration and remember, properly cut bangs have older women appearing younger! These shaggy bangs go great with shag hairstyles or messy bobs and are just a little edgy, but not over the top.

Is It Bang Or Fringe?

The answer to that will depend where you live. In many European countries and England, the term bang is slang for a slightly off color topic, you may have come to a few unexpected sites when you entered this in a search engine.

These countries use the word fringe or fringes to describe bangs. For the most part in the United States the term bangs has always been used but we are also now using fringe as the new buzz word in hair styling.

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Swoop Bangs And Fringes

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