Bangs And Fringes Hair Styles Gallery 3, Pick A New Style

Summer is soon to arrive and the scoops on this season’s seven hottest beauty trends are out and ready for you to join in.

different bang and fringe styles

There is some fun stuff here for everyone, so if you just cannot wait to fish out the sandals and the short shorts,  try one of these  new looks to hold you till the summer sun.

1. Ponytails and braids are hot, hot, hot for summer 20006, As much as we loved the loose bun trend of 2005, Glamour magazine reports it will not go through another season.

Break a few rules, the loose bun is effortless and always looks timelessly classy.

2. Rummage around for red lipstick that is. Red lipstick is going to continue to go right into summer, just remember to keep your eye makeup light.

3. Long lashes are going to be big this season. They last a couple weeks and are especially big on the West Coast. If you are not ready to go down the glued route, you can layer on the mascara. Several coats should do you justice.

4. Don't over bronze, sunless tanning is in again, but do not go overboard. Instead, try layering your fake tan with a light tanning crème set with a tinted moisturizer or a bronzing powder. What is the best thing about bronzed skin? Well the truth is you can go light on the rest of your makeup. Bronzed skin paired with a pink lip-gloss & mascara is all the summer makeup you will need.

5. Long wavy curls are still hot, even though straightening irons are not as popular; there are many girls with curly tresses that refuse to give them up. You can opt for straight, but full hair with a few loose waves you can get via Velcro rollers or winding hair around a full-barreled curling iron. If you think, your hair is too long. Do not worry; as long as you keep it trim, super long hair is in.

6. Summer is going to be all about shimmer, on your eyes and cheeks really setting off beautifully tanned skin.

7. Coral is not just for Floridian retirees, the new Corals are for all ages, how did we miss this one when it looks so great with a tan?


Bangs And Fringes Hair Styles Gallery 3

This gallery features mix of bang and fringes styles on short, medium, and long hair

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Bangs And Fringes Hair Styles Gallery 3


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