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Bangs And Fringes Hair Styles Gallery 2

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The Longer Side Of Bangs

Bangs and fringes hair styles gallery 2 features pictures of those long edgy bangs you may have seen in magazines and celebrities recently.

These are not the full face bang that covers all or bangs that have just missed a trim or two. Maybe 3.

These are designed into the style and are just trimmed with a light dusting every 3 to 4 weeks.

They have just a hint of Emo or Shag flavor and often styled to the side, layered, or with an asymmetrical bottom edge.

Although they can be left thick and solid, these long bangs and fringes take on an edgier look when sliced or wispy.

Short styles were selected as they really show how a long bang can become the main focal point of a style. Add color to really make this look pop.

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Bangs And Fringes Hair Styles Gallery 2
Updated January 9, 2013
Author Tanna Mayer

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