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Vin Diesel,  Bruce Willis,  Andre Agassi, Sean Connery,  Sting. 

Those are some hot hottie hot men, and what do they have in common?  A shiny bald head.  Sometimes there is nothing sexier than a follicularly challenged man, whether by nature or razor.

Some men panic when their hairline starts receding.  They run for the comb over a la the Donald or run out and buy those terrible toupees, and we’ve all seen how appealing that ends up.

There is a special appeal exuded by a man who embraces his fate and goes "all the way.” 

His bald head shows the world that he is comfortable in his own skin, or scalp, as it were, and there is nothing more attractive than that kind of confidence.

There are biological factors at work as well.  Did you know that an excess of testosterone causes baldness, which is the hormone that charges up your libido? 

Chew on that the next time one of these hairless fellas is chatting you up at a nightclub.  That unbridled manliness certainly amps up that rugged, bad boy attraction that never goes out of style.

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Updated May 18, 2012

On a more subliminal level, maybe you are aware that symmetry is the basis for beauty and attraction in nature.

A head without a tangle of hair getting in the way highlights that symmetry in a very simple but spectacular way. 

Plus, without the distraction of hair, you’ve got nothing to keep you from staring deeply into his eyes!

For practicality’s sake, a bald man is a bit lower maintenance.  He’s not gonna use up the last of your expensive shampoo, and the time he’ll spend vying for your mirror space will be greatly decreased. 

Hopefully he’s taking meticulous care of that skin that’s brought front and center by his hairless crown, but cutting down on his styling time will definitely increase his allure.  

AND you’ll have the added bonus of knowing that all that yucky hair in the drain is (gross) yours!

Of course, it's definitely not the hair that makes the man.  But next time you come face to face with one of these hairless fellas, give 'em a second glance, even if it hasn't been your cup of tea previously.

They've got a little something extra, and you might just find yourself converted!

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