Bald A Bold New Hairstyle For Men

dominic purcell sexy blad styleBald A Very Sexy New Hairstyle For Men Sometimes less is more, and this is proven without a doubt when it comes to bald men. Do away with thinning hair, forget about comb overs, bald is the sexy new hairstyle for many men.













Bald Celebrity Styles

There are a large number of male celebrity's who are happily clipping their way on the bald bandwagon. Superstars Bruce Willis and Ving Rhames top the list of celebrity males whom have opted to go bald gracefully. There is nothing sexier to a woman than a man who is full of self-confidence. Daring to go against the norm and shearing your locks off speaks of a man who is bold and brave.

The courage to wear a bald look evokes thoughts of strength, passion and pure masculinity. Women actually far prefer a man who works with his lack of hair then attempts to mask their hair loss with badly concealed hairpieces or plugs.

These days, bald is a style all in its own. It is not just men with thinning locks that are shearing their scalps smooth. This look is become enough of a fashion fad that some men with full heads of hair are breaking out the clippers for a slick scalped style.

Bald men have the added bonus of being able to show off their facial features to the maximum. Their facial shapes are not hidden behind or masked by hair. Eyes are showcased, a strong chin, or a prominent jaw are all on full display.

If you are daring enough to go bald, you can purchase a set of clippers and shear yourself at home. Alternatively, you can visit your local barber or stylist to be shaved. The greatest benefit of all when opting to go bald is the time savings. You can literally roll out of bed each morning and be on your way. You will look just as fabulous if you are heading to the office or attending a fancy event.


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Bald A Bold New Hairstyle For Men

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