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Backcomb Big Sexy Hair

Backcomb Hair

Big, sexy, just-rolled-out-of-bed hair has recently made a return to the runway, but never really went out of style. The newest take is a softer, less sprayed-into-a-helmet look, but the backcombing key is, and always has been volume volume VOLUME. 

Big Hair Backcombed HighTeasing or back combing is the way to do it, and is a technique that has been around since the fifties.

Think the tousled looks of Brigitte Bardot, or Sophia Loren, those were two who knew how to backcomb big sexy hair.

Wanna become a big haired queen without veering into the Peg Bundy bouffant?  Well, grab your rattail combs, girls, because Backcombing 101 is in session.

How To Backcomb Your Hair

To backcomb big sexy hair like this look, you’re going to need a good medium to fine-toothed comb (I love a rattail comb, because you can increase volume with the pointy end) and a film but flexible hair spray.

As with most styling, hair tends to be most pliable when it’s just a little bit "dirty,” so if you can stand it, wash your hair the day before instead of right before. 

Clean hair tends to be more slippery, so especially with teasing hair, you’ll want as much grab as possible.  Also, make sure that your hair is completely dry, as wet hair is more prone to breakage.

If you are going to backcomg big sexy hair for a curly look, go ahead and set your hair before.  Pin-curls made with a curling iron, or rollers are your best bet, as they tend to hold better than just using a curling iron, and your hair will get mussed about a bit while we backcomb.  Spray the root of each section before you roll it, and roll under while garnering as much lift at the base as possible. 

If your hair is naturally very curly or wavy, you may want to blow it out or straighten it first, as tight curls can be a destructive nightmare to brush out after backcombing.  You probably don’t want to end up dreadlocked!

back combed style backcombed flip backcombed half up style

Backcombing Hairstyles

Our model has 5 distict hairstyles all created using backcombing to add volume or height to her shoulder length hair. There is no limit to the backcombing styles you can do to change up a hairstyle fast.

Ready to backcomb big sexy hair?

Once you’ve removed your rollers and unpinned your pin-curls, flip your head upside to break them up a bit, and then lightly spray from underneath. 

Flip your head back like a shampoo ad, and get ready to tease.  Make sure that hair has cooled completely before starting to backcomb, as warm or still hot hair is more vulnerable to damage.

backcombed pouf hairstyleStart at the front of your hairline with a section about an inch-and-a-half wide.  Use large sections for looser styles, and smaller for tighter ones. 

Hold section straight up, and, from behind, comb backwards from ends to root in short, choppy strokes rather than long fluid ones. 

Do this until section of hair stands up on its own on a compact little base of the desired height. 

Spray with hair spray, and flip forward to move on to the next section. Repeat this all around the crown (or mohawk) part of your head. 

Depending on your style, you can do a bit of lighter teasing around the sides.  When you’re done, gently flip the sections back and start smoothing the edges with the teeth of your comb and style away! 

Pin the top half up for a sexy baby beehive, or break up those curls and teased sections for long loose volume.  Ratted hair can sometimes appear dull or rough, so feel free to use a shine serum or spray – but sparingly!  You don’t want to weigh down all that height you just created.

When you’re ready to un-style your hair, don’t jump right into the shower.  The water will cause hair to constrict and tangle even more, and increase your chance for breakage.  Using a natural bristled brush, brush hair from ends on up, detangling as you go, section by section. 

Be gentle, and only when your hair has been fully brushed should you jump in the shower and use a deep conditioner.

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