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Baby Mohawks are incredibly cute and always worth a laugh. Often times when you pull your little one out of the bathtub and they have a lot of hair, it seems to form a Mohawk.

Other times, after their soak, Mom will model her little one's locks into the baby Mohawk. While some babies are bald and beautiful, others are born with a full head of hair. This hair often results in a baby Mohawk hairstyle that is sometimes planned and sometimes just happens natural.

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As long as your infant has enough hair to fashion into a Mohawk, this little alternative hairstyle is very easy to achieve. Of course, it is always easier to work with damp hair. That is why your child often forms a Mohawk when in the bathtub.

After giving your baby a bath and washing their hair, remove them from the tub and you are ready to fashion a trendy baby Mohawk on your baby girl or boy. You will want to towel dry the baby's hair slightly; the locks should not be dripping wet.

However, if the hair is too dry it will not style properly either. Use your fingers or a baby comb and brush to direct the hair from the side of your baby's head up towards the top of the head.

Allow your child's hair to dry naturally and enjoy the beauty of the baby Mohawk hairstyle. Although it is as simple as that to create baby Mohawks for your child, that particular Mohawk is not apt to last for long. If you are going somewhere, and want your infant to sport a baby Mohawk hairstyle that will hold longer there is an alternative option.

The Secret Styling Product

Repeat all of the steps listed above, however, there is one additional thing that you will need to do just before forming the baby Mohawk. Take a dab of your favorite baby lotion and rub it between your hands. Run your palms through your child's hair gently; making sure that every strand has received at least a touch of the lotion.

Now, you can form the baby Mohawk with your fingers or baby comb. The lotion will allow the baby Mohawk to stay still longer as well as to hold a lot better. It is important to note that you should never use adult styling products or styling tools on a small child's hair.

Even if you are very careful with gel for example, and make certain not to get the product in your infant's eyes, there could be problems later on. For example, the next time you go to wash your child's hair, the residue of the gel may fall into your little one's eyes causing irritation.

Even on a low setting, blow dryers can cause burns on an infant's scalp. Little children have incredibly sensitive scalps and it is not worth taking a chance of causing them discomfort for a hairstyle. Simply use water or baby lotion to create fun, fabulous baby Mohawks for your child.

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Author: Tanna Mayer
Updated: March 12, 2015

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