Baby Footprint Poems

Baby footprint poems add a charming way to capture the time when your baby's feet were as tiny as a Spring bud. At one time it was common for baby's birth certificate to have their tiny footprints on them. Was this done as a means to ensure that you took home the right baby?

Tiny Baby FeetCapture The Memories Of These Tiny Feet

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Or did someone think it would be a wonderful memento for the parents to have on their official record of their baby's birth. When you look back and see these you'll be amazed at how small your six foot tall son was when he was born. As parents we remain enchanted by baby's tiny hands and feet.

We are mystified at how they can be so small. When you look at your babies tiny toes perhaps because of something you think you see you decide that one of your twins will be a dancer while the other will be an athlete.

Recalling your first child, who seemed to have such little feet, with such extra tiny toes, you remember that then you weren't even ready to imagine what they were going to be like when they grew up.

Bronzed Baby Shoes

Our fascination with baby's tiny feet is why we take his or her first pair of shoes and bronze them. This lets you keep them forever on the mantle placed in your living room or on the dresser in your or baby's bedroom. Some proud parents even put them on their desks at work.

You can look at them and see your child toddling along in their first pair of shoes. What magic memories those are! Maybe you'll need to bronze a second pair so that your spouse has one to put where they work, or play, as well. If you buy a  picture frame you can also handwrite or print baby footprint poems to stand beside or behind the shoes.

Taking Baby's Footprint

One way to keep babies tiny feet forever ensconced in your memory is to make a keepsake book. Using non-toxic washable inks or paints take baby's foot prints and put them in this book you are putting together to hold the memories of baby's beginnings.

Write Your Baby A Poem

You may want to write your own footprint poem to put either in the book or as a print to hang on baby's nursery wall. You can do these yourself or have them done by the many companies available to write the touching Baby footprint poems for you. You can easily write one yourself as you speak words from your heart that expresses your love.

How contented baby has made you feel and as you look in the crib at the wiggling giggling little person who has come into your life you can not help but want to show them your happiness by expressing it in verse.

One option is to decorate baby's room with poems, photos and little reminders of their earliest days so that as your sweet baby grows you will be able to see the wondrous accomplishments as baby begins to crawl and then take baby steps with those darling little feet.

A Baby Running Barefoot

When the bare feet of the baby beat across the grass,

The little white feet nod like white flowers in the wind,

They poise and run like ripples lapping across the water;

And the sight of their white play among the grass Is like a little robin's song, winsome,

Or as two white butterflies settle in the cup of one flower for a moment, then away with a flutter of wings.

I long for the baby to wander hither to me

Like a wind-shadow wandering over the water, 

So that she can stand on my knee 

With her little bare feet in my hands, 

Cool like spring buds, Firm and silken like pink young peony flowers.

D.H. Lawerance

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