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Baby And The Bath to guide you through the questions and concerns you may have
about pregnancy, delivery, and the care of your new baby.


Featuring how to videos for newborn and baby care for new mothers and fathers that guide you through each new step and phase your baby will go through. From baby bathing to baby's first step.

"And he who gives a child a treat
Makes joy-bells ring in Heaven's street "

John Masefield once wrote in a warm, proverbial way.

Begin your indulgence the minute baby's born with special ways to coddle tender skin and keep it smelling sweet.

Pamper your little one and for you, as a new mother we present treats as well, so you'll look your best, before the baby and after.
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a bath for baby

Baby Aromatherapy

Bond With Your Baby Through Aromatherapy

Baby Massage Oil For Newborn Infants To 12 Weeks

Baby Massage Oil For Newborn Infants


Baby Aromatherapy, For Babies Over 12 Weeks

Bond with your baby using aromatherapy massage. Massage has shown to be a wonderful benefit for you and your baby. Through the soft touches from you your baby will feel more at ease and relaxed.
Baby Aromatherapy


Calming Baby Fragrance

Newborn infants need to feel snug and secure. Reassure your little one with the soothing scents and fragrance.
Calming Baby Fragrance

Baby Bath Care


Warm Care For A Baby Bath

It is very important that you are careful not to allow your baby to get a chill. It is so easy for your infant to become cold after coming out of a warm tub. There are good ways however to keep your baby warm after a bath.
Warm Care For A Baby Bath


Are Bathtub Safety Seats Safe For Baby

Bathtub safety seats can help you keep baby safe at bath time and keep baby's bath stress free.
Are Bathtub Safety Seats Safe For Baby

Baby Care

When Baby Needs Extra Special Care


Baby Acne

Yes, a baby can get a type of acne, read the causes pf baby acne and how you can treat it.
Baby Acne Information


Baby Teething Time

When your baby is teething and in pain, you want fast relief
Baby Teething


Cradle Cap

Understand the symptoms of cradle cap, how you can prevent and heal cradle cap for your baby.
Cradle Cap Symptoms And Prevention


Diaper Rash Creams

The cause and treatment of diaper rash
The Cause And Treatment Of Diaper Rash


Cleaning Care For Baby's Nose

There is nothing worse than hearing your baby stuffed up with a nose that is plugged or full of mucous. Unfortunately, even though most babies do not enjoy having their nose cleaned, it is just one of those tasks that has to be done.
Cleaning Care For Baby Nose


Trimming Baby's Fingernails

It can be daunting to cut your newborn baby’s fingernails. The fingers of a baby are so small and the nails are even smaller. It is natural for you to worry that you might slip and cut your baby. However, it is essential for the comfort and safety of your baby that you trim their nails on a regular basis.
Trimming Baby Fingernails


Baby And The Bath

Baby And Infant Costumes

baby costumesIf you are taking baby along Trick or Treating, choose bunting costumes if the weather is cold on Halloween night. No need to cover costume with a coat and baby stays warm.

Infant And Baby Halloween Costumes


Baby Hair


Baby Hairstyles Gallery

This gallery features adorable baby boy and baby girl hairstyles, some babies have a lot of hair!
Baby Hairstyles Gallery


Baby Mohawk Hairstyles

A cute hairstyles gallery of baby mohawks, add your babies alternative hairstyle!
Infant Hairstyles ~ Infant Mohawks

Baby Organic


Organic For Your Baby
Natural Organic Cotton Fabric

Discover the difference between regular cotton and organic cotton fabric, the best and safest choice for your baby.
Natural Organic Cotton Fabric


Organic Baby Toys

Whether you already have a baby, you are having a baby, or you are looking for the perfect gift for a baby shower, organic baby toys are a great choice for any baby.
Organic Baby Toys

Baby Poetry

Baby Poems And Verse

Enjoy baby footprint poems and baby handprint poetry for your personal use.

Baby Footprint Poems

Babies feet are so tiny, but for so short of a time, those tiny feet are perfect for creating family heirlooms and personalized gifts.
Baby Footprint Poems


Short Footprint Poems For Baby

Titles - Someday - Two Tiny Feet - Two Little Feet - Precious One
Short Footprint Poems For Baby


Classic Baby Footprint Poems

Titles - Baby Feet - The First Steps Edgar Allen Guest
Classic Baby Footprint Poems


Baby Handprint Poems

Handprint poems for creating baby keepsake albums or scrapbooks.
Baby Handprint Poems


Baby And Bath

Baby Product Reviews

New Mothers

New mothers need hairstyles that are fast,easy, and look great.
Short Haircuts Hairstyles And New Mothers

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