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The Shades Of Autumn

Red Autumn Hair Color

Autumn Hair Color And Shades

Autumns always look best in their natural hair color. Many women however like to change their look by changing the shade of their locks.

If you choose to alter the hue of your tresses, the best bet to looking amazing is always opting for hair colors within the Autumn pallet.

Generally, women who are Autumns have golden brown, red, auburn or chestnut hair color.

Autumns eyes usually are green or hazel and often times they have a freckled complexion.

If an Autumn has eyes that are brown or blue colored, they may also have flecks of yellow or green blended in.

Because of their warm, golden complexion, most Autumns tan well in the sunlight.

warm red hair color

Women within the Autumn grouping can have somewhat of a varied coloring. Autumns can range from ladies with black locks to those who are brunette, or even some golden blondes.

Generally, all women with red hair, not including tresses that are an extremely fair auburn or strawberry blonde, are an Autumn.

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