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An Asymmetrical hairstyle is the perfect cut for women with a slightly wild side. First hitting the hair scene in the 1980’s, the Asymmetrical haircut has made a complete comeback. It does not matter what the length of your current hairstyle may be, if you are in the mood to be bold, you can play with an asymmetrical hair design.

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One of the highlights to an Asymmetrical hairstyle is that unlike many other looks, you can achieve the Asymmetrical without being forced to clip off too much length, unless of course you want to.

Allow your stylist to come at you with her scissors and with some well-placed cuts, you can be the proud wearer of a trendy Asymmetrical hairstyle.

There are no right or wrong ways to wear a funky Asymmetrical hairstyle. Your imagination is the only limit as to what you can create with a haircut like this. Numerous people find that an Asymmetrical haircut gives them the chance to play with style in ways that they never imagined possible.

Many women who wear Asymmetrical hairstyles also decide to have fun with hair color. Some ladies will opt to implement color throughout their haircut while others may just apply a hue to their bangs or ends. Your Asymmetrical hair colors can be contrasting or complimenting, whatever you decide. The essential part is that you are happy with your look.

Even though you can generally do what you want in your private time, not everyone has a career where they can have unique hair colors. If you happen to have a job where you can not be too bold, wash out colors is a great idea for after work and on the weekends. This allows you the ability to try out different colors without having to commit to anything in the long term.

Many Asymmetrical hairstyles are truly one of a kind looks. This is because everything from the angles of an Asymmetrical cut to the way it showcases your features can be varied. This means that you will always have a style that is completely unique to you.

Although an Asymmetrical hairstyle can be funky and bold, there is nothing to say that it is not a very feminine look as well. The edges of your Asymmetrical hairstyle can be as soft or as sharp as you wish.

This means that you really can wear your new fabulous Asymmetrical hairstyle anywhere that you want or need to go. Allow your Asymmetrical hairstyle to take you from the office to the clubs and everything else in between in style.

There are just so many wonderful options afforded to you when you go with an Asymmetrical hairstyle. You can ask your beautician for ends that are shaggy, blunt or somewhere comfortably in between.

The Asymmetrical haircut of your liking can include a fringe or bang if you so desire. If not, that is completely up to you as well.

Asymmetrical hairstyles can be composed of hair textures that are tight and curly, silky and straight or full of luxurious waves. When it comes to Asymmetrical looks, you are in control.

View the pictures in this asymmetrical hair styles gallery for ideas and inspiration.


Asymmetrical Hair Styles Gallery
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