Asymmetrical Bobs For Fall 2007

Asymmetrical bobs for fall 2007 was a style celebrities such as Victoria Beckham and Rihanna chose fast. This edgiest incarnation of the bob was the funky and a cut a bit more rock n' roll than some of its tamer predecessors, but this very modern and hip style was easier to pull off than you might think.

side view rihannas asymmetrical bob hairstyle

In these 'dos, it seems that almost every piece of hair is a different length, but somehow all these slice of hair add up to one striking, sassy style. Hair is usually parted dramatically to one side, with a great deal of movement.

The base of an asymmetrical bob is often times the shorter-in-back graduated or A-line bob, which is then sliced and diced by a skilled stylist, many times using a straight razor.

Fine hair gets quite a lift this way, and heavy, thick locks get a weight lifted off, so virtually every head of hair will get an injection of extra volume from this haircut. Fear not hair that's a bit messy, as that is a bit of the look that we're shooting for here. The cut is meant to move hair forward, framing the face to the point of almost obscuring features with a sultry falling in the eyes.

Styling is a breeze, although quite different than with longer 'dos. Embracing your natural texture (or even occasionally running out of the house with damp hair) can work well with this style as well. And you don't have to trade in your short, straight across bangs or long sweepy fringe to go with this cut.

The front of your hair can be worn just about any way you please, even pulled back into a little baby pompadour when you want that hair out of your face. The brave of coif might even try some cute little asymmetrical baby bangs to keep that off-kilter theme going. In many cuts, you may find the bangs to be the longest part of the style!

Don't be afraid to play with color when sporting this wild style. With shorter hair, you can add highlights and streaks without fear as there isn't much length to be saving. The addition of high and low lights can add great depth to your 'do.

While many women fear shorter styles, gals in the know highlight bone structure and pretty eyes with a chin-skimming 'do. It's exciting to try something new, and remember that the best thing about hair is that it will soon grow back if you aren't in love with what you get.

front view rihannas asymmetrical bob hairstyle

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Asymmetrical Bobs For Fall 2007
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Updated: March 14, 2015

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Asymmetrical Bobs For Fall