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Ashton Kutcher Mens Celeb Hairstyles

Ashton Kutcher

Ashton Kutcher Hair

This wise beyond his years fox of a man started out as a scantily clad model for the likes of Calvin Klein, but really gained momentum as simple minded but lovable Kelso on "That 70’s Show.” 

While working on a period piece (of sorts) may have influenced the shaggy chic of his hair initially, Ashton Kutcher made floppy, throwback seventies ‘do’s cool enough to be loved by Demi Moore – and that’s good enough for us!

Occasionally Ashton has worn hair short on the sides, with either a bit of length on top for a funky faux hawk or a more Tom Cruise-y conservative cut with a bit of fringe. 

These styles require a bit of blow drying, as well as some styling paste for the faux hawk, and a shaping mousse for the Tom Cruise blow dry ‘do. 

Ashton’s hair is usually on the longer side, and for a sophisticated look hair is kept shoulder length with the top razor cut into side swept bangs that frame his fine features. 

ashton kutcher hairstyles

Sometimes hair left long enough to hang in eyes and all around face.

These tousled styles are kept shiny and frizz free with pomades and waxes that add texture and sheen to longer locks.

 Bangs and face framing fringe draw attention to strong cheekbones and intense eyes as well as flattering a high forehead. 

While these styles appear low to no maintenance, regular trims and styling is necessary to keep this rock n’ roll shag fresh and tidy. 

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Style Inspiration

The Cut

To copy Ashton’s flippy cut, start out with a haircut that’s a bit longer and layered, with the front left longest for fullness and brushed to the side with a bit of fringe left in front to frame a handsome, high cheekboned face. 

Razor cuts work best for lots of movement and texture. Longer hair requires a bit more styling, and usually the most casual, messy sexy ‘do’s require a bit more product than you’d think. 

ashton kutcher hairstyles

Styling Products

Shaping gels and firm hold mousse can be applied to freshly shampooed hair and be blown dry into place. 

Once hair is dry, add a spray wax or pomade to help shape hair, tame frizzies, and add texture and shine. 


Don’t be afraid to experiment with color as well.  A multi-dimensional nut brown color or a rich golden brown can be flattering to a number of complexions, but do consult with a stylist before trying at home. 

Now comfortably settled into life as a member of one of the hippest Hollywood clans – the uber welcoming Moore-Willis’s – Ashton is less a Punk’d paparazzi magnet, and more and more a family man and fine actor, comedic and otherwise.

Ashton also has tread into the worlds of producer and restaurateur.

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Ashton Kutcher Mens Celebrity Hairstyles
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