Ashley Tisdales Side Ponytail

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Ashley Tisdale is a young actress who seemingly has it all. Ashley has a fabulous career, an incredible voice and great looking hair. When Ashley has a formal event to attend, she tends to wear her locks in an elegantly chic hairstyle such as this stunning side ponytail.

The Creative Arts Emmy Awards are an important event and Ashley Tisdale opted to wear her locks in a sophisticated yet retro hairstyle with a trendy updated twist, the results were simply smashing.

This side ponytail is an ideal look for long locks like Ashley’s. Her bright blonde hair color and side swept bangs make her gorgeous eyes and incredible facial features stand out beautifully.

As long as your tresses are long enough to pull to the side and fasten into a ponytail, you can also wear a side ponytail like the one that Ashley Tisdale sports.


Ashley Tisdales Side Ponytail

Ashley Tisdale’s side ponytail hairstyle is also very versatile.
You can take her look as a base and create a hairstyle that is similar but designed to work with your own hair type and cut.

For example, if you do not have bangs, this hairstyle can still look wonderful on you.
The same is true if you have short bangs. That is the beauty of a side ponytail hairstyle such as the one that Ashley Tisdale wears.

You can take the look and work with your own hair type to create a style that is designed just for you. This side ponytail hairstyle looks incredibly glamorous and is very ideal for even the most formal of occasions.

However, you could just as easily sport this style at a casual luncheon or anywhere else for that matter. Another great thing about the side ponytail hairstyle that Ashley Tisdale wears is that you can do it by yourself at home in virtually no time at all.

Ashley Tisdales Side Ponytail ~ Styling Steps







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Style Hair Steps Wash your hair with products designed for your hair type and condition.

Style Hair Steps Using your fingers disperse a generous dollop of mouse or gel through your hair.

Style Hair Steps Detangle your tresses gently with a wide tooth comb.

Style Hair Steps If time permits allow your hair to air-dry. If not, spray a root lifting product onto your hair and using a brush lift your hair slightly at the roots while drying to promote volume.

Style Hair Steps Once your hair is fully dry, create a part running width wise along the center of your crown to separate the front of your hair from the back.

Style Hair Steps Carefully brush your hair to one side and secure all but one piece with an elastic. Make certain not to pull the hair too tight, as you want the crown to have volume.

Style Hair Steps Wrap the loose lock around the elastic and secure with a hairpin.

Style Hair Steps Use your fingers to smooth a dab of pomade onto your bangs and direct them off to the side.

Style Hair Steps If desired, create some loose curls throughout the ponytail with a large barrel curling iron and finger comb gently.

Style Hair Steps Spray with hair spray for hold.

Style Hair Steps Lightly mist with spray shine for shimmer.


That is all that it takes to create the same beautiful side ponytail that Ashley Tisdale wears. You and your hair are sure to get noticed anywhere you go sporting this smashing side ponytail hairstyle.


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