Are Bathtub Safety Seats
Safe For Baby?

Are bathtub safety seats safe for baby? The thought of having to bath a tiny newborn baby strikes fear in the heart of many first time and even some repeat parents. Newborns are very slippery when wet and you always have to be careful with infants around water.

Newborn In Bath Seat

There are some helpful tips that will make bath time a stress free and enjoyable experience for both you and your baby. There are different ways that you can safely bath your newborn and whichever of these methods that works the best for you is fine. Some people opt to simply sponge bath an infant for the first few months.

This works very well and eliminates the fear of having to place your newborn into a tub of water. It also serves to keep babies calmer if they are afraid of the water. 

Plastic Infant Tubs

Another option for bathing a newborn safely is to use a plastic infant tub. You will want to ensure that you always test the temperature before placing your baby inside of the water so that they do not get burnt.

To test the temperature of the bath water, you can use your hand or purchase a thermometer that is designed specifically for that purpose.

You can choose to place the infant plastic tub on a safe, sturdy surface or right inside of your own bathtub. Never leave your infant alone while in the tub; a baby can drown in very little water in a short amount of time.

Therefore you will want to have all of the baby’s bath supplies beside the bath and ready for use. If by chance you have forgotten something for the bath, take the baby out of the water until you are again ready.

There are bathtub safety seats that you can use when washing your infant. These seats are wonderful and allow the baby a secure surface to sit inside of while they are being bathed. However, they are not safe to use until your infant is between four and six months old.

At 3 Months

Baby Safely PLaying In Bath Seat

When your infant is about three months old, you will still be bathing him or her virtually the same way you did when they were a newborn. If you were previously sponge bathing, you may want to consider bathing the baby in a baby tub by this point in time.

At 6 Months

Once your infant is six months old, they will be ready to sit inside of the bathtub safety seats. The safety seat can be placed inside of your tub or even in the kitchen sink to save you from bending over

Baby safety seats are a wonderful way to bath your baby as they stick to the surface of the tub and ensure your slippery baby will not fall over. These bath safety seats for babies come in a variety of styles, designs and prices. This allows you to pick the baby safety seat for the tub that is ideal for your family.

Even now, it is still important to always stay right with your child when they are in the bath. Do not trust the safety seat to watch your child for you.This is also an ideal age to start implementing a few plastic toys into bath time to make the tub a fun experience.

So to answer the question, are bathtub safety seats safe for baby? Yes, if used properly and  with complete supervision.

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