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Apply Perfect Mascara Application Tips

Mascara is a must-have beauty tool.  The right color, formulation, and application can highlight and emphasize eyes, and even add all the drama of a fan of fake lashes without the messy application! 

New Mascara Wand

There is more to it than just dipping a wand and glopping it on your eyes, though, and here are some tips to get the perfect eyelash application to perk up your peepers!

Choosing the right mascara for you is tricky (see our product reviews).

There are lengthening, thickening, waterproof, and conditioning formulations in a variety of colors. Figure out what your particular needs are.

For instance, if your lashes are light colored, you probably want to pick a dark brown rather than black, which can appear too harsh.

If you wear contact lenses, you’ll want to pick a gentler formulation, or maybe waterproof mascara. You may decide on a more dramatic product for night and a subtler one for everyday wear.

It’s a good idea to apply your mascara after all of your other eye makeup is on. 

Start off with a good eyelash curler to give that wide-eyed look.  Those scary little tools have an effect you’ll find yourself addicted to!

Apply Perfect Mascara Application Tips
Remove the wand from the tube.  To ensure the wand has enough product on it, swirl, don’t pump it into the tube.  Pumping pushes air into the mascara, which dries out the product and introduces bacteria – yuck!  If you get too much on the brush, blot it on a tissue.  This will also reduce clumping with some thicker formulas.

Start with top lashes.  Place wand at base of underside of lashes and sweep up and out, wiggling side to side a bit to get hold of every lash. 

Use what is leftover on the brush to gently sweep a coat onto bottom lashes from underneath.  Take your time and brush downward. 

Redip wand and repeat for a second coat on top lashes only. 

If you’ve had any accidents or smudges, dip a cotton swab in a teeny bit of eye makeup remover and use like an eraser.

New Mascara WandApply Perfect Mascara Application Tips
Do NOT sleep in your mascara!  Hopefully you know better already, but some mascaras get sticky in your sleep and you may awaken to glued-shut eyes.  And, like the rest of your face and hair, those lashes need a bit of a break every now and then to keep them healthy and strong, so invest in gentle makeup remover that will still get the job done.

Don’t be afraid of some of the funky colored mascaras out there.  Blue lash mascara can brighten the whites of your eyes and liven your face up.  Burgundy and purple lash mascaras subtly bring out green and hazel eyes.  A warm brown mascara can do great things on blue eyes, too.

Be careful when choosing waterproof mascaras.  Some can make your eyelashes brittle and more prone to breakage.  If you absolutely must have ‘em, try a clear lash conditioner before bed to give those lashes a little extra protein boost. No matter what brand or how cheap your mascara is, it pays to purchase the best eyemake up remover you can.


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