Ann Margret Look For Mature Women

Get a Ann Margret look for mature women with these hairstyle and makeup tips for a little playful sex appeal of your own, famous for roles in "Bye Bye Birdie" and "Viva Las Vegas," Ann-Margret is the original sex kitten. The throaty bombshell has been singing, acting, and just generally turning heads for decades.

She tangled with Elvis (on-screen and off), found herself animated on The Flintstones, and recently ran the Best Little Whorehouse onstage.

Ann Margret Look

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Now on her way to seventy, she still has a playful sex appeal that proves to more mature women that forty is definitely the new thirty, and sixty just might be the new forty!

Iconic Ann MargretAnn Margret In Her 70's!

Her signature doe eyes, pouty lips, and tousled red hair are fun to borrow, whether it’s for a special event or just to pump up your everyday look. 

Best of all, this look is flattering on women of ANY age!

Get Ready

First, apply moisturizer and eye cream to your clean face. While all of that hydrating goodness sinks into your skin, start on your hair.

This styling works best on shoulder-length or longer hair that is NOT freshly washed. Work some volumizing mousse through hair, and add a bit of a shine cream as well, if you like.

Ann Margret Hairstyle

Start off with some extra-large to large sized Velcro rollers and a rat-tail or teasing comb. Backcomb hair at the roots all around the crown of your head.

When you’re feeling electrocuted (it’s easier to tame hair than to go back and re-tease), wrap those crown sections of hair around the largest sized rollers you’ve got, starting at the ends and rolling your way up.  For the sides and back of the head, skip the backcombing, and just roll sections around the smaller rollers. 

Spray rollers with a good flexible hold spray, finish dressing, and we’ll move on to makeup (if you’re in a rush, feel free to use a few blasts from the hairdryer to move the setting process along).

Ann Margret Look Soft Focus

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Ann Margret Makeup

Now that your skin is smooth and soft, apply a bit of liquid foundation with a brush to get a sheer, dewy coverage you can build. Use a warm, peachy blush, a perfect shade for mature women. Apply to the apples of the cheeks (the fleshy part that pops up when you smile).

On eyes, apply a light peachy shade (don’t be afraid of a little shimmer, if you’re feeling adventurous) all over eye lid, then shadow a warm cocoa brown along the crease from the outside, about halfway in.

Finish by lining top eyelids with dark brown or black eye pencil, and use a bit of that same cocoa crease color and an angle brush to line a bit of the outside corner of the bottom lid.  For extra flirty oomph, glue a strip of false lashes along the top, and individual lashes on the bottom.

Line lips with a flesh-colored lip pencil (like Stripdown), and finish with a peachy-pink gloss to plump up your pout. 

All right, now take out your rollers. Flip your hair over and break the soft curls up with your fingers, spraying with a little hairspray from underneath.  Hold off on brushing and instead focus on finger styling to keep volume and not completely lose the shape of your curl. 

Now get ready to channel the original Kitten with a Whip!

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