Angelina Jolies Formal Updo Hairstyle

Angelina Jolies Formal Updo Hairstyle

With her unique features and lavish tresses, it is hard to imagine that Angelina Jolie ever has a bad hair day. However, there are instances such as when wearing this soft, seductive, formal updo that Angelina Jolie looks even better than she normally does.

When the evening of the New York premier of "A Mighty Heart" arrived, Angelina showed up with her locks pulled away from her face in this captivating formal updo hairstyle. This look is a stunning way to call attention to her features and delicate face shape.

Angelina’s thick locks work very well in regards to holding this seductive updo in place. Luckily, even if your locks are not quite as thick as Angelina’s are, you can still wear a soft formal updo like hers.
The key to Angelina Jolie’s soft and seductive updo is the addition of generous amounts of both height and volume. Tendrils framing her cheeks only provide even more romance and a flair of drama to this elegant updo.
If your facial shape is long and or narrow, allowing select pieces of hair to remain loose of your updo will always serve to compliment your face. For women with oblong, heart, square, diamond and oval face shapes, you will be astounded at how well this formal updo defines your features.
Angelina Jolie’s carefully crafted seductive updo is the perfect hairstyle of choice for a range of occasions. As shown, it can be worn with complete confidence to an important event. By the same token however, you could wear this beautiful updo for numerous, less formal reasons.
You can also take this Angelina Jolie formal updo hairstyle and use it as a base to work with when creating your own updo look. Change the amount of curl, the placing of loose tendrils or anything else that you desire to come up with the updo of your hairstyle dreams.
Hair decorations are always a playful way to call attention to your locks as well, this is especially true when you are working with an updo. Some glittery clips or a tasteful barrette will make your hair the center of attention.

Angelina Jolies Formal Updo Hairstyle ~ Styling Steps

side view angelina jolies formal hairstyle
Style Hair Steps Wash and dry your locks with shampoo and conditioner specified for your hair type.
Style Hair Steps Use your fingers to disperse a dollop of styling mousse or gel to your hair and distribute evenly with a comb.
Style Hair Steps Using a round brush work in small sections until your hair is completely dry. When focusing on the roots lift while drying for volume.
Style Hair Steps When your hair is dry, carefully scrunch a dab of styling wax with your fingers while lifting at the roots for volume that lasts.
Style Hair Steps Use a large barreled curling iron to create loose waves around your head.
Style Hair Steps Starting on the sides of your head, pin sections of your hair up loosely securing with hairpins just below your crown.
Style Hair Steps Carefully remove some tendrils of hair to frame your face as well as some in the back. If desired curl loosely.
Style Hair Steps Piece the ends of your hair that is left down with pomade as well as to smooth front pieces that are left down slightly away from your face.
Style Hair Steps Mist with a generous amount of hairspray for hold.


Enjoy, Angelina Jolies Formal Updo Hairstyle



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Angelina Jolies Formal Updo Hairstyle

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