Alternative Hairstyling Products

Alternative hairstyling products give you the option to create or fake some hot styles. Wild, choppy, funky hair is the norm these days, and even the most radical styles of days gone by have somehow weaseled their way back into the fashion mainstream. With mullets and Mohawks becoming an everyday sight to see, one has to wonder just "how’d they do that?”

Let’s start off with what is perhaps the most common new-fangled-but-throwback hairdo: those emo sweepy bangs that often end asymmetrically or (gasp) in a fashion mullet. With a very stylized haircut, product and technique is the key. These ‘do work best on straight hair, or hair that can be helped along to become quite straight.

Styling Emo Bangs

styling emo bangs
side view emo bangs

Begin by blow-drying bangs into place, using a strong-hold mousse in wet hair, especially if bangs happen to be cowlick-y. You’ll need an amazing flat-iron and a straightening spray (hopefully one with some extra emollients to help protect your locks from excessive heat) to smooth your hair and accentuate the pieciness of the style. Once your hair is smoothed and your bangs are sweeping just so, try a wax or pomade, like Sebastian Crude Clay, to spike out the shorter pieces, and texturize the long ones, giving you hair an added dose of deliberate dirtiness, without all the trouble of actual skipping the shower.

Styling Mohawks

how to create a fake mohawk

Several variations of the Mohawk have found their way onto our televisions, sidewalks, and even workplaces. Gravity-defying style can be quite tricky, and the wearer can go to great lengths to get there.

Alternative hairstyling products like glue, from ICE hair glue to actual Elmer’s School Glue help get your hair up to there. Shorter ‘hawks are given a lift with a bit of gelatin, and lighter hair can even get a color boost that way. And once upon a time, those real punks used egg whites to stiffen their spikes (think meringue). Whatever your medium, you’re gonna need a high powered blow dryer to stiffen stuff, and work one section at a time from front to back.

Once hair is as high as you’d like, you can straighten things out with your trusty flat-iron, and finish it off with a high-hold hairspray. While the styling can be more time consuming than most, the upside is that with carefully arranged pillow placement, one styling will last multiple days.

To remove alternative hairstyling products like real glue and Jell-O, try rinsing hair with a little baking soda. More traditional hair stylers can be washed out with a clarifying shampoo.

Styling Bettie Page Bangs

styling bettie page bangs

Little rockabilly or Bettie Page bangs can be a bit of a challenge to style as well. Break out that blow dryer and some mega hold hairspray again, and blow hair straight down or just under with a round brush to keep that straight across line smooth and even. Spray midway through, and then continue with the blow dryer. Once your bangs are sitting just right, comb through the stiffened hair to break up the spray.

alternative hairstyling products

Alternative hairstyling products can be a blast to play with, so don’t be afraid to try something new. The best part is that if one hair adventure doesn’t work for you, just remove the styling products and be ready for the next one!

Author: Tanna Mayer
Updated: February 13, 2015

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