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Alicia Moore is better known as sensational singing star Pink.
She is as widely recognized for her funky and unique one of a kind hairstyles as she is for her musical talent.

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Not everyone can pull off the hairstyles that Alicia Moore has been seen sporting. Emulating her look is for the bold who want to make a vivacious statement about their own individual style. Almost every time you see her, Pink is wearing her tresses in a different, daring hairdo.

For the 2006 Video Music Awards show, her locks made a huge statement. Her hairstyle was pure rock star delight. Alicia shaved her hair very short on the left side of her head and added curls to the top and the right side.

This was not a bashful look in the least. If you are brave enough to copy this hairstyle, bear in mind that regular trims will be necessary to keep hold the style. Alicia is not just known for her funky hairstyles, her hair colors garner her a large amount of attention as well. Not long ago, she was pictured wearing a short haircut with wispy bangs that were swept to the side.

The ends of her hair were sliced to provide extra texture to this fun hairstyle. The look was made complete by the bold pink color of her locks. If you are ready to change your style completely and want to try a valiant hairstyle like Alicia’s, one of her more recent looks may be just what your looking for.

To start with, you will need to shave the back of your hair from the crown to the neckline and leave the front hanging longer. Although this cut may seem simple to do, you may wish to visit a salon to ensure there are not any mistakes with your hair.

Ask your stylist for a short layered wild cut with tapered sides. You will need your bangs to be short and spiky or left long enough to brush your brows. The beauty of this hairstyle is that the cut be modified to suit whatever look you want.


Alicia Moore Celebrity Hairstyles Style Steps

Styling is a breeze as again, you can opt to do anything you desire! However, to copy Alicia’s look, you will need to do the following

Style Steps Comb a small amount of shaping gel such as Clinique Strong Control Gel through damp hair
Style Steps Section your hair and blow it dry
Style Steps Once your hair is dry, use a large barreled curling iron to lift your hair up through the sides
Style Steps Use your fingers to place your hair where desired, with your fingers apply a dab of a good pomade through your locks.

Enjoy Alicia Moore Celebrity Hairstyles

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Alicia Moore Celebrity Hairstyles

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Alicia Moore Celebrity Hairstyles

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