African American Boys Natural Curls

jayden smiths natural african american boys hairJayden Smith- African American Boys Natural Curls
All too often, people that are born with naturally curly hair do everything that they possibly can to fight with their hair. Over time however, most of them learn that this war they are waging is futile.












Unless you plan on keeping your locks cropped short, you are far better off working with your curls than you are battling against them.

This is especially true when it comes to children. African American boys with natural curls such as Jayden Smith can present a problem to parents. Many times, African American boy’s natural curls are tried to be tamed out.

Everyone knows that young boys are busy and active, goodness knows they do not have the time nor the patience to sit while their natural curls are tended to. As a result, many parents decide to take their African American boys into the barbershop and have their curls clipped.

It is true, that a smart looking short haircut for boys will never go out of style.

It is however however simply not necessary to take your clippers to your African American boys natural curls to keep them looking great.

Jayden Smith is not just your average young boy; he is also the child of celebrities and a movie star in his own right. Jayden Smith’s natural curls are anything but short and they still look neat and healthy.

With the right cut and the proper hair care routine; your African American boy’s natural curls will shine. Now, when we speak of a hair care routine, you do not need to panic. This does not mean that you will have to spend hours everyday fighting with your child so they will allow you to tend to their tresses.

In fact, when you have a good haircut and a regular routine that you follow for hair care, it actually usually takes you a lot less time everyday to style your child’s hair than you would think.

Jayden Smith has the ideal hairstyle for African American boys with natural curls. This hairstyle allows the natural curls to be shown off beautifully instead of clipped or hidden through straightening routines.

Although Jayden Smith’s hair has been allowed to grow to a medium length, it is not long or unruly. This is a very important element when it comes to hairstyles for young boys. You need a hairstyle that will take them from the playground to a family dinner out with ease.

Those with natural curls can often find that their hair is heavy and weighed down. To keep your child’s African American natural curls looking full of life, regular trims are a must. You should also consider allowing the hairstylist to cut in some long layers. These layers will bring bounce and control to your boy’s curls.

Once the proper haircut is in place, it is easy to style naturally curly African American hairstyles such as the one that Jayden Smith has.

Simply wash your child’s hair, making certain to use a good conditioner to prevent the curls from becoming dry. With your fingers, use a pick or comb to work out tangles, if necessary, use a spray conditioner first.

Next, with your fingers, run some sculpting lotion or mousse evenly throughout your child’s hair. You can opt to blow dry his hair with the dryer on a low setting or allow to dry naturally.

That is really all there is to making sure that your African American boys natural curls keep looking good day after day.



African American Boys Natural Curls

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African American Boys Natural Curls

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