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5 Day Detox Plan

A 5 day detox can help you put your body back on the right track. Every day you are surrounded by pollution. Outside we encounter exhaust fumes from vehicles.

5 Day Detox

How To Detox Your Body In Five Days

Inside we find smokers and all sorts of aerosol sprays. While at work, there is no guarantee as to the purity of the drinking water. Our foods are loaded with additives.

All these factors add up to affect our health greatly, but a 5 day detox can help you put the balance back. Just because our body does not wretch with pain, do not assume that everything is fine. To maintain a healthy body, mind and spirit, your body needs to be detoxified.

This process will also help you to maintain healthy relationships with others. Your body is a marvelous machine that is capable of healing itself and ridding itself of harmful toxins. The polluted environment, in which we often live, however, allows our bodies to accumulate toxins beyond the capacity of the body to cleanse itself.

Weakened tissues and bodies are less effective at removing the toxins, so the cycle is accelerated. This build up of toxins stresses the tissues of the body and if not corrected leads to malfunction. Detoxifying your body with a 5 day detox will not only help to keep it clean, it will also help it to regulate its necessary processes.

Do not wait for the organs to become stressed and overworked before you cleanse your body through detoxification. Follow a 5 day detox plan that will keep your body and all its systems working correctly. During those five days, you will find not only is the body cleansed from the inside, but your spirits will be lifted also.

In order to detox your body, you will need to modify your diet for the 5 day period. This will mean avoiding certain foods. You will eat lots of green leafy vegetables and fresh fruit, while avoiding food additives, preservatives, fats and oils while detoxifying your body. Meats are difficult to digest and should also be avoided. For a couple of days of the process, meats should be avoided entirely.

Foods that help with the process include beans, beets, broccoli, garlic and nuts. Be sure to drink lots of water. Be sure to get at least six to eight glasses per day. Avoid all other beverages other grapefruit juice and fresh fruit extracts.

It is important to maintain your fluids, as they are necessary to flush the body of toxins. It may seem that you are eating less while your body detoxifies, however, you are not going to starve during the process and your energy level will rise as you limit yourself to foods that promote a healthy digestive system. You should plan to detoxify your body at least every three months.

To ensure that you get an effective plan, you should see a nutritionist or your doctor. You want to be sure that you are actually detoxifying your body rather than adding more toxins to it. As your body detoxifies, it will flush toxins out of your body and you will feel new energy as well as mental and physical alertness.

Most of us would not think of not cleansing the outside of our body. It is even more important to take steps necessary to ensure that the inside has been cleansed as well from a 5 day detox plan.

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Updated October 19, 2011


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