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1960s Hairstyles, A Little Loser And Relaxed

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Wild Days:
Women's Hairstyles in the Sixties

The sixties are remembered as a wild, freewheeling time, and the women during this time period were quite divergent in how they wore their hair. In many ways, the way that women wore their hair in the sixties was a matter of personal style.

1960s beauty parlourMany women felt that they could be a great deal more free with their styles than they were in the fifties. Hair in the fifties came in a number of different lengths and styles, but some styles are quite representative of the era. For instance, in general, hair during the 1960's were much more loose than the styles that came before it.

retro beauty capeThere was more of an emphasis on a simple, breezy look, even for the up-dos that were still quite popular. The beehive was still popular, and they were quite simple to to do up. They could be combined with long bangs that were meant to lengthen the face and give the head a long oval shape, and the bangs were most often swept dramatically to one side.

During the 1960s, younger women also experimented with leaving their hair long and loose, with bangs that were straight cut across their forehead. Girls of this era would get the curls and kinks out of their hair by ironing it straight, resulting in the long, sleek and lovely locks that we soften associate with this era. Although this hair was typically worn shorter than it would be in the seventies, it would not be surprising to see a girl with hair halfway down her back or even below her waist.

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The sixties also ushered in the era of very short, sharply cut hair for men and women. This era showed that short hair could still be very wonderfully cut and styled, and some women favored cuts that were formerly reserved for young boys. This look could be played for an androgynous style, or it could be used to further emphasize a woman's femininity through cutting away a curtain of hair and revealing her delicate features.

The 1960's hairstyles also saw the use of larger rollers to create hair that was extended away from the face, either in a large gentle curve, or a series of curls that began below the ears. Large rollers took the place of tight rag curls, and this elegant breezy style was considered quite glamorous.

If you are curious about trying to iron your hair and getting the wonderfully sleek fall of hair that was so common in the sixties, all you need is an iron. You can simply wet your hair and put it on the ironing board underneath a towel; this will protect your hair even while heat is being applied and it will allow you to skip the split ends that were such a problem with straight ironing.

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1960s hairstyles

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