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1940s Updo For Short Vintage Hair Style

1940s Short Hair Styles

A concern of many women with short hair is how to dress their short hairstyle for special or formal occasions. Hair that is jut two to three inches is not usually the ideal length for an updo.

1940s vintage hairstyle











From a 1940s vintage hairstyle comes ideas for creating a updo look where you can mold your short hair into styled line, particularly the lines that are so popular right now, vintage hairstyles from the 1940s.

You will see in the illustrations how short hair can be cut to the contours of the head. This makes it possible to create many different hairstyles with upped or side-swept lines—and it goes without saying that even when down, lines look trimmer and better groomed when built on a short foundation.

There are further advantages of using short hair for updo styles formerly reserved for medium to long hairstyles. Short hair properly cut is more easily trained and can look better groomed than long hair.

If the hair is blended to the contours of the head, in the 1940s this was referred to as a "contour cut". With a contour cut the waves that create the illusion of an updo stay in place longer as they are not dragged down by the weight of too much hair.


1940s Updo For Short Vintage Hair Style Cutting Techniques


cutting steps for 1940s vintage hairstyle
1940s authentic  hairstyle


Illustration One

list icon Divide hair into five sections, making preliminary part across crown of head from ear to ear.

list icon Then part from hairline to crown directly above each eye for sections 1,2, and 3.

list icon For section five, make part around back of head from ear to ear as show.

Illustration Two

Cutting begins in section 4.
list icon Divide hair in one inch wide oblong segments to make sure you taper instead of cut, and hold scissors so tapering begins on underneath side of each segment.

Illustration Three

This sketch shows length to which hair will be cut.

list icon Hold scissors or shaper at proper distance from scalp for desired length.
In this case hair will be three inches long in middle back area.


1940s vintage hairstyle cutting techniques
1940s authentic  hairstyle


Illustration Four

Hair is weakest at nape of neck, so all hair in section five is cut shorter than in other sections so neckline curls will not drop in finished style.

Illustration Five

Side sections are done next.
list icon Sides are cut to three inch length and, for cutting, are divided into three oblong segments.
list icon Cutting from bottom of segment is assurance that hair will fall in proper contour when cut.

Illustration Six

Top is done last and, for cutting, is divided into three oblong segments.
list icon Length will be two to three inches in front, as on sides.
list icon Scissors are held on angle to make hair shorter closer to crown.


1940s Updo For Short Vintage Hair Style Styling Techniques


1940s hairstyle styling steps
1940s authentic  hairstyle


Illustration Seven

Before beginning setting, make a circular part from hairline around crown to separate top section.

This hair is pinned up, out of the way, and pinned last.

Illustration Eight
Setting begins on right side.
list icon Make a deep finger wave at hairline and follow with one row of pin curls around clockwise.

Illustration Nine
list icon Then make another deep finger wave behind first row of curls, and follow with a row of pin curls wound counterclockwise.
list icon Short hair at bottom of wave, behind ear, is set in clockwise pin curl.


styling steps for 1940s hairstyle
1940s authentic  hairstyle


Illustration Ten
list icon Make another full finger wave in back of second row of pin curls and fill in the rest of the back area, to left ear, with pin curls.
list icon First row, in back of wave, is wound counterclockwise, all other curls are wound clockwise, and are placed in diagonal rows exceeding from nape to crown.

Illustration Eleven
list icon On left side, make a half wave at hairline and follow with three rows of pin curls.
list icon First row is wound clockwise, second and third rows counterclockwise.

Illustration Twelve
list icon Now unpin top hair and set it in solid pin curls.
list icon All curls here are clockwise, except for counterclockwise curl at hairline.
Enjoy, A 1940s Updo For Short Vintage Hair Style


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