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Calling All Angels

Please view full screen - (I am seeing a few Angels, feathers and wings in those clouds)
Then imagine that beautiful scenery burning. Those skies and sunsets are filled with thick yellow smoke.
Any houses, buildings, or cars now look like the ones in the photos of Boston Flats below

Dear Site Visitor, I need to call all angels. GLOBALLY. The Cariboo BC has fires. Big fires. There are 2 Angels named Karen and Tracy who own the Iron Horse Pub in Lone Bute BC. They and their staff have spread their wings to provide safe haven for fire evacuees. Some are sleeping in cars or trucks. The Iron Horse pub is providing free meals, showers, laundry and support to these people.

This is very personal for me, I am BC born and although we no longer live in the Cariboo, it will always be where I would want home to be. I am home bound right now but so wish I was in Lone Bute, washing dishes or cleaning bathrooms for these people. This is all I am able to do, call Angels.

 Please email prayers, support, to Karen, Tracy, and staff, and to all that are being affected by these monster fires from Prince George to Kelowna.

Can you mail anything to the people in the parking lot and field? Even a coloring book and coloring pencils, a puzzle, a pretty blouse?

Jane Siberry and KD Lang sing this beautiful version of Calling All Angels
but I think it is really the people and animals in the Cariboo and Okanagan  singing it right now

Please help walk them through this one.
Please do not let them walk this alone.

Address: 6046 Hwy 24, Lone Butte BC V0K 1X0

They need more. Thank you.


The Iron Horse Pub was one of the first of now thousands that are helping the people and animals of BC Fires. By donating to the Canadian Red Cross, sending Gas Gift cards, or an Angel, you make it a Thousands Plus +1

Donate to British Columbia Fires Appeal
The Canadian Red Cross

Boston Flats Needs Angels

Devastation At Boston Flats BCImage Credit: Chad Klassen / CFJC Today

Driving into the Boston Flats trailer park in between Ashcroft and Cache Creek, it doesn't take much to notice the devastation — an entire complex wiped out by the Ashcroft Reserve wildfire that swept through there, leaving families without a home. "Going into the park and seeing the burning, then the shock. It's hard to believe that it happened so fast," said Boston Flats resident Sherrie Fraser.

"it happened so fast"

A Codos Os Meaus
"all my angels"


Some evacuation centers such as Cloverdale Fairgrounds BC and Chilliwack are reporting that people do not need clothes, some in the Interior are reporting that people need toothpaste. 

BC TV News has reported that all evacuees could really use gas station gift cards. 


Clothing - Cotton, Lightweight for the heat/washes/drys fast
Hooded sweatshirts for evenings
Printed Pillowcases
Stuffed Animals
Coloring Books/Coloring Pencils/Pencil Sharpener
Kid's Shampoo, fun soaps, printed towels
Hats, sunglasses, suntan lotion


Music, books
Ask your teen?

Birthday Cards (all ages), crepe paper, paper birthday cakes, bright happy balloons, BC Day Decorations, Canadian Flags, Your Country Flag (Small, on stick)


Ask yourself.
Eye drops and cough lozenges 

For Those On The Front Lines

"Martin Frost worked as a firefighter on the massive Fort McMurray wildfire last summer. He said relief from strangers kept him and his crew going through a "relentless" fight.In particular, he said things like energy drinks, Gatorade, eye drops and cough lozenges were a huge help."

Animals - Pets

Caribou Fires Animal RescueImage Source - Global News BC

Pet Food- Cat-Dog-Rabbit-Chickens-All small hobby farm animals
Hay/Grain - Larger - Horses - Cows

Help and supplies are needed for: Canadian Disaster Animal Response Team

Ship To

Princeton Exhibition Grounds
315 Laurie Currie Way 
Princeton, BC V0X 1W0 Canada

Do you know many SPCA now offer adoptions at half price to find homes for evacuated animals. That's cool. 

The Lower Mainland

Sleeping SafeCots are set up at a reception centre at Chilliwack Secondary School. Close to 70 evacuees fleeing wildfires in the B.C. Interior had arrived by noon Sunday. PNG

Donate to British Columbia Fires Appeal
The Canadian Red Cross

Surrey and Chilliwack open reception centres for fire evacuees

Two reception centres have opened in the Lower Mainland for evacuees fleeing the wildfires burning in the B.C. Interior. 

Close to 70 people had come into the Chilliwack reception centre as of noon Sunday. The centre opened late Saturday as a response to the Williams Lake evacuation, which has forced thousands of people out of their homes. 

“Many of them are in shock and really devastated about the situation they find themselves in,” said Chilliwack Mayor Sharon Gaetz after a visit to the reception centre at Chilliwack Secondary School.

All of the evacuees she talked to, except for one family, were from Williams Lake, said Gaetz. Many of them were on their way to stay with family or friends in the Lower Mainland.

The school has a large gym where 124 cots were set up for people needing temporary shelter. There’s also a large kitchen that can serve 1,000 people. But for all the perks of the building, “it’s not home,” said Gaetz. “We just hope we can make things a little more comfortable for people passing through.”

A second reception centre has been set up at the Cloverdale Arena in Surrey. The centre, which opened Friday, can accommodate 140 people in group lodging. As of noon Sunday, 331 people had accessed services there, although none are staying on-site, said officials. 

With approximately 36,600 people already out of their homes across the province due to wildfires, the reception centres in the Lower Mainland are set up as a contingency, should winds and weather make the wildfire situation worse, said Robert Turner with Emergency Management B.C. 

“If we get another wave of evacuees we will have to start directing people to the Lower Mainland,” he said. 

Reception centres are also set up in Kamloops, Barriere, Kelowna, Lillooet, Merritt, Penticton, Prince George, Princeton and Vernon. 

Cheryl Chan, Vancouver Sun
Published on: July 16, 2017

Can You Send An Angel?
you are sending a hug, a I care, I am thinking of you

I found these fast and easy to mail Angels on this lovely Pinterest Board by Kerst

Do you sew, bead, crochet, quill, paint, draw, use wood, any medium,  An Angel card with a handwritten note?
Can you mail or take an Angel to evacuation centers or volunteers?
Most craft, sewing, dollar stores carry very inexpensive Angel Appliques, small Angel decorations or cutouts.

Pinterest is a fabulous resource for crochet and Angel sewing patterns.

I can imagine a sent Angel hanging from the front mirror of a car or camper of one of the evacuees or pinned to their t shirt or tucked under a pillow.
I can almost guarantee the Angel you send will be in that family for a very long time.
"this is the Angel your great great grandmother was sent when the big fires happened in 2017"
"this is the Angel your grandfather was sent when he fought the big forest fires in 2017.

Over 60, 000 Angels Are Needed
Every evacuee, every volunteer, every emergency personal

Send Angels to:

The Firefighters and Emergency Personnel
Still protecting Williams Lake

Mail To

Firefighters, Police, BC TV Crew,  Tim Hortons Staff, Mayor Walt Cobs)

Emergency Personnel
CO Tim Hortons
1059 BC-97, Williams Lake, BC V2G 2W3

Staff and Evacuess

The Iron Horse Pub and Grill
6046 Hwy 24, Lone Butte BC V0K 1X0

Canadian Disaster Animal Response Team
Princeton Exhibition Grounds
315 Laurie Currie Way 
Princeton, BC V0X 1W0 Canada

Sophie Lui and all BCTV News Team
7850 Enterprise St, Burnaby, BC V5A 1V7

Evacuation Centers
Mail To:

Someone Who Needs An Angel
Care Of

Sandman Center 300 Lorne St, Kamloops, BC V2C 1W3

Barriere Reception Centre: 4936 Berierre Town Rd.

Chilliwack Reception Centre: Chilliwack Secondary School at 46363 Yale Rd.

Kelowna Reception Centre: 1480 Sutherland Ave.

Lillooet Reception Centre: Fire Hall at 570 Main St.

Merritt Reception Cntre: Merritt Civic Centre at 1950 Mamette Avenue

Penticton Reception Centre: 325 Power Rd.

Prince George Reception Centre: College of New Caledonia at 3330 22nd Ave.

Surrey Reception Centre: Cloverdale Arena at 6090 176th St.

Vernon Reception Centre: Vernon Curling Rink at 3400 39 Ave.

Donate to British Columbia Fires Appeal
The Canadian Red Cross

Stay Updated


CFJC BC Wildfire Info Page 

Your Social Media

If this touches your heart please post on your social media.
Calling all Angels to the Cariboo Fire Relief
You can link to here or do your own thing to encourage aid in any way. Or An Angel.

Prevent Forest Fires

We are going to be protecting BC even more.....

Boston Flats Cariboo WildfiresBoston Flats, B.C., is pictured on July 11, 2017 Image Credit (JONATHAN HAYWARD/THE CANADIAN PRESS)

Smokey the Bear said it for years, Prevent Forest Fires

Let's educate people louder and stronger about those campfires or anything else that holds or leaves a spark. We now have great pictures of what happens when 1 spark is left behind.


Carrying a few half filled disposable bottles of water with you EVERYWHERE you want to smoke is one option.  That is where your ash as you smoke goes  and cigarette needs to go when finished, put the cap back on and dispose of it at home.

You would need to flush the stuff and rinse the bottle due to recycle issues.

Or try hitting the thrift store for old  Thermos brand insulated travel mugs or small thermos?
Keep these half filled with water, empty at home.

We have currently have had some fires on the road mediums in Surrey, the grass is dry and brown, when you throw your smoke out the car window you are endangering many people. We get you do not want the mess in your ashtray or the smell in your car, it is what you are not getting that is the problem!

Google Portable Car Ashtrays!

Lots out there

Big Ant Ash-black Car Cigarette Ashtray Portable Auto Vehicle With Blue LED Light Car Cup Holder

Use can also use one of these when you smoke outside at home or in any public area. If we legalize pot, works for that joint too.

Any cigarette companies interested? How about placing info on your  smoke packs on how to safely put one out and dispose of it? Health Canada is all over you about the Health risks, here come the Fire Risks. See, we have to tell people.

If you see anyone throw out a cigarette, you can do this:

1. Take down the license plate - Make and color of car.

2. Pull over safely and call it in on your cell *5555 - or at home 1-800-663-5555

I now carry a bottle of water in my car, cross safely to where the cigarette was thrown and dowse it with water.

I may now carry 2, 1 for fire prevention and 1 to hand someone smoking. New Bylaw maybe? Have  your smoke in 1 hand and a bottle of water in the other.

How about stickers for our cars that say  *5555 with pic?. I would buy one. 

Hand this fire prevention info out at all entry points into BC of how serious we are taking this. 

All rental car companies, can you make it part of the contract?

Lawns and Mediums - GO RED

It was go brown to conserve water, now how about going red? Spray those brown areas with a flame retardant material.
Anyone need a new seasonal business? - Must be City approved/hired, you will be spraying boulevards in front of homes.

I remember having a flyer dropped at the door a few years back from a company that would spray your lawn green.
Can you make that product flame retardant?

and as you drive

Not sure how far this problem spreads, but when I drive and hear a siren I pull over to the left to let them pass, this not me being nice, it is the LAW.
I see many  cars who are not doing this. So next time you hear an Ambulance, Fire Engine, or Police car siren, pull over to the left and do not ever enter an intersection when they need to pass through.  Get out of their way.

Smile and say hello if you walk past a Police Officer, take boxed sealed chocolates or cookies to the firehall, show some gratitude and respect for the men and women who serve us so well locally and go to Monster fires when needed.

If you are in a Tim Hortons or any other coffee shop or restaurant and you notice any emergency personnel, why not buy a gift certificate for a coffee and donut and hand it to one of them.  Or just lay it on the table, and say Raffle. Let's all pay back a little more. and don't wait till Christmas....


ALL Firemen - Volunteer Firefighters - Helicopter Pilots - Policemen - Pudding - City Officials - Animal Relief - Volunteers - Community Centers - News Personal - All Volunteers,  Timber Kings, (neighbour before business, as so many did) Sophie Lui - (Could someone please give that girl a cowgirl hat?) & crew  - One of the  microphones that has yet to  leave Williams Lake. The fast response and support of Canadian and worldwide  businesses, companies, government, and residents.

and Angels

Donate to British Columbia Fires Appeal
The Canadian Red Cross

Pin It Forward ..... My Pinterest Boards That Matter

BC Wildfires 2017 

Respect and Admiration

Animal Lovers 


Calling All Angels

Thank You!

Thank You Tanna

How long is this on my home page? - till every fire is out.

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