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Beauty And The Bath leads you to discover your own true beauty and style from 14 to over 40.

Reveal your own special image and learn how to properly both pamper and care for yourself, because it's all more than just curled eyelashes and red lips. 

While beauty is far more than skin deep, it is true that when you look good, you feel good.

A fantastic haircut and a great pair of jeans can also make you feel more lovely and feminine inside. You will find a bounty of helpful articles and tips and tricks to help you choose cosmetics and hairdos that enhance and highlight your unique personality and lifestyle.

Find the information and advice you need from tresses to pretty feet and everything in between.


Family, friends, and colleagues will benefit from a rested, rejuvenated and calm you.

As an added bonus, you will appear and feel more rested and cared for and ready to get an extra jolt of enjoyment out of your life!

Taking a little time for you is often easier said than done, but we will show you how to take pampering to the next level.

Spend half and hour soaking in a bubbly tub with French bath salts, delivered directly from France.

Whatever little indulgences tickle your fancy, your inner and outer beauty will thank you for it, and Beauty And The Bath is delighted to be your guide.Enjoy

Forty Is Good

Over Forty Beauty

Staying Beautiful

Beautiful and radiant, there is no question that skin changes as we age, but with these tips, women over 40 can look and feel their best.

Anti-aging regimens combined with proper nutrition and good health will do wonders for the woman over 40. Learn the best makeup strategies for the woman in her 40s, 50s and beyond as well as top skin care practices.

Mature Skin Care

Ascertain leading skin care treatments for mature skin. Learn which skin care treatments work and which are frauds to beware. Explore best techniques for makeup application, fighting wrinkles and discover ways to keep skin looking dewy fresh during your senior years.

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Mature Makeup

Beauty And The Bath will help you determine the best makeup practices for your mature skin. From treating crow’s feet and wrinkles to choosing makeup for special events, these tips will leave you looking stunning, regardless of age. Look and feel superb by choosing the best makeup for your skin.

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Over 40 Hairstyles

Staying Chic

Sensational hair doesn’t end once you hit forty. Learn how to find your best hairstyle and address the many myths associated with mature hair with these tips.

Whether you’ve clung to a hairstyle for decades and feel it’s time for a change, or want to know the best way to care for older hair, these tips on Beauty And The Bath will have you feeling and looking your best.

Hairstyles For Older Women

Discover your best hairstyle that complements your maturity without making you look older. Don’t want to give up your long locks? Don’t worry. With these tips and tricks, you can find the perfect hairstyle for your face shape, long hair included. 

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Over 40 Hairstyles

Learn how to style your hair to maintain your youthful appearance with these over 40 hairstyles. Understand the changes your hair and face are experiencing and learn how that affects your best hairstyle.

While you don’t have to rule out long hair, you might find a shorter cut gives you the best look.

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Sixty Is Better

Anti Aging

Discover tools that will help you fight aging and keep you looking and feeling your best. When it comes to aging, attitude is as important as your skin care routine and it’s important to approach aging in a positive manner. Learn how to change your view on aging while exploring makeup and anti-aging tips.

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Forty Something

Discover how to enhance beauty in the forty something woman with these tips and techniques. Mature women experience changes in their bodies, hair and skin and they must address these issues Learn strategies for taking care of skin, health, hair and best makeup practices. 

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Beauty By Fifty

Uncover beauty secrets for the mature woman in her fifties to help her feel vibrant and full of energy. Learn makeup tips and practices, hairstyles and discover the latest trends in anti-aging to ensure the woman in her fifties looks as fabulous as she feels. 

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Over 50 Hairstyles

Attractive and easy-to-care-for over 50 hairstyles are in high demand. Whether you prefer long romantic waves or a short pixie, you’ll discover there are plenty of options available for the mature woman on Beauty And The Bath.

Many women over 50 notice distinct changes in their hair due to menopause. Learn how to keep your hair healthy, strong and manageable while finding your best style. 

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Over 60 Hairstyles

Soft waves, long layers and short pixies are just a few of the top demands in over 60 hairstyles. Gone are the days where a woman automatically cut her hair because she was over the age of 40, and the new 60 is no exception.

More celebrity women are demonstrating you can be a chic senior with long, luscious hair. 

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